I want to share my testimony, I have just moved to a new working place where everyone started asking me about my legs.
I had to tell them about Jean Guthrie Cocoa Butter. In no time everyone was placing orders and believe me it's selling like hot cakes and it's working wonders for all us.

My legs just did the talking for me.


"My husband sometimes battles with a body rash after showering. The cream he was using just wasn’t producing results. We decided to apply the JEAN GUTHRIE AFR SERUM on one side of his body and his usual cream on the other side. The rash showed a marked improvement after one or two applications of the AFR SERUM with far better results than his usual cream.

- Paula Moodley

Bev Cantor is a Qualified Somatologist and practicing therapist for 25 years ​ "The Precis Hydrating Mask was absolutely superb. Once applied to skin and left for 30 minutes, the results on how it plumped out the skin was amazing. The hydration levels of the skin were visible leaving the skin smooth and younger looking. I would highly recommend this hydrating mask for a tired, dull, young or mature looking skin, to give it the lift it needs."

The TISSUE OIL LIP BALM which is also a firm favourite has now found favour with my husband too. Initially he was hesitant to use it as he said it looked more like a lipstick! However, after struggling with chapped and sore lips last winter and trying the best products on the market he agreed to try the LIP BALM at night (where no one could see him using it). After just one night his lips visibly improved and now he carries the LIP BALM with him wherever he goes and whips it out in front of family and friends!" - Paula Moodley